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Benefits of Having Storm Shelters

Posted by OKStormShelters on March 31st, 2011 in Tornado Safety

If you live in an area where there are tornadoes one of the best things that you can do is invest in a storm shelter. About 1,000 tornadoes touch down every year in the United States alone, so the threat of these storms is very real and present. If you live in an area, such as Tornado Valley, where tornadoes are very prevalent it is even more important for you to consider purchasing or having a storm shelter available to you.

The Best Protection

One of the best things about a storm shelter is that it will offer you the protection that you need. An underground storm shelter is about as good as it gets because you are down below the surface where roofs are torn off, homes are picked up and moved and there is debris flying through the air at incredible speeds. The best place you can be is under the ground in materials that are made to withstand the winds. It doesn’t matter how well built your home is, if there are 130 mile an hour winds your home is not going to provide you the best protection.

Functional Space

Many people have an area of their home that they say they would go if a tornado was approaching their home but really, how functional is that space? If it is an extra bedroom of the home it may be full of items that you are stowing away for another day which may make it less than ideal for riding out a tornado.


An issue with seeking shelter above the ground is that you are at the mercy of the structure that you are in. In many cases a house will actually collapse on people after a storm, so it wasn’t the storm itself that killed or injured people. An underground storm shelter will be a lot less likely to collapse because it is not directly impacted by winds; trees cannot fall atop of it and once the storm has passed you can emerge without having to crawl over glass and debris.


If you are considering a storm shelter you definitely want to consider those that are underground because they are not only safer but more affordable. You can buy an underground shelter for a lot less because an above ground shelter will need to be much stronger and reinforced and who do you think is going to be paying for this extra reinforcement and toughness? You, the consumer, of course!


If you plan it right, an underground shelter can actually be more convenient. The reason is that an underground shelter can be connected to the home so that you do not need to go outdoors to seek shelter. Instead, you can make your way into the basement and then into the shelter in short order. If you have people who are disabled or elderly, the underground shelter that is attached to the home in some manner is always the best option because it will not take as much time or effort to get those who may be infirm into the shelter.

As you can see, there are many benefits of having storm shelters, especially those that are located below the ground. Above ground shelters are an option but if you are going to the trouble of choosing a shelter and having it built, you might as well go with the option that is going to provide you with the best protection for the best price.

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