Built in the heart of Tornado Alley, you can expect the absolute safest storm shelters.

Storm Shelters

Storm shelters are family built and we have 30 years experience building storm shelters.

Storm Shelter Design

All storm shelters are made out of 12 gauge steel. Solid welds all the way around the exterior. Extra wide 14” benches on both sides and the back. The door is spring loaded and has 3 locks. The steps have a 9.75″ rise and a 11″ run with a hand rail for safety. If you’re interested, we do offer a second handrail as an option. Carpeting is included for floor, seats and steps. Inside is painted with white industrial enamel paint while the exterior is sprayed with a tar-based paint to help prevent rust and corrosion. All door openings are 30” X 5’, with custom openings available. All storm shelters are built with a turbine vent and we have a door vent available as option. The turbine provides for more airflow, but it’s often seen as an eyesore. The storm shelter is set in the ground and surrounded with concrete.

FEMA Publication 320/361 Guidelines & ICC/NSSA 500-2008 Standard

All storm shelters are built according to FEMA Publication 320/361 Guidelines. Additionally, our storm shelters can be built to the ICC 500-2008: ICC/NSSA Standard for the Design and Construction of Storm Shelters. If you’re interested in this, don’t hesitate to contact us. Local engineering firms, Robertson Engineering & Wallace Engineering, have reviewed our storm shelter designs and certified that our storm shelters meet the FEMA Guidelines and ICC Standards, respectively.

Storm Shelter Warranty

All of our storm shelters are guaranteed to not leak or float for 20 years.

Storm Shelter Pricing (includes installation)
Width Length Price* Recommended Occupancy**
6′ 6′ $4599 6-8
6′ 8′ $4799 8-10
6′ 10′ $5499 10-12
6′ 12′ $6299 12-14
Height 6’3″
8′ 8′ $6199 10-14
8′ 10′ $6999 12-16
8′ 12′ $7999 16-20
8′ 14′ $9299 20-24
Height 6’8″

* Prices include storm shelter, sales tax, installation and delivery within 50 miles of Sand Springs, OK.
** Recommended occupancy is seating room for adults. There’s additional standing room for that many more adults.

Storm Shelter Options
Option Price
Dirt removal $300
Cutback roof $150
Door vent $100
Grip tape $60
Second handrail $10
Electrical box $5/ea
Run electricity to storm shelter Call (918) 245-3400 or contact us for quote

Storm Shelter – Customer Pick Up and Self-Installation

If you’re interested in purchasing just the storm shelter and doing the installation yourself, we can offer you our storm shelters at a heavily discounted price. Click the customer pickup and self-installation storm shelters link for more information. We will not honor our 20 year warranty on our shelters if we do not perform the installation.

Storm Shelter Financing

We’ve partnered with a state-wide bank, Communication Federal Credit Union, that offers 2.99% financing on safe rooms and storm shelters for qualified buyers. You can call (800) 654-LOAN for more infotmation. You can also download their brochure. You can read more about their storm shelter financing by clicking the link.

Storm Shelter Delivery

We offer free delivery up to 50 miles from our shop in Sand Springs, OK. If you’re within 100 miles there will be an additional $150 for a delivery charge. If you’re within 150 miles the delivery fee is $250. Beyond that, you’ll have to contact us for a price. If you want to determine your delivery charge, please check out our delivery map and input your street address, city and state. It will let you know how much it will cost for us to deliver your storm shelter.

Storm Shelter Pictures

You can find pictures of storm shelters we’ve previously built by clicking the latest work link at the top or by clicking storm shelter pictures and browsing through the posts. Soon, we’ll include pictures of the available options on our storm shelters.

Storm Shelter Questions

If you have any questions about our storm shelters give us a call at (918) 245-3400. You can also email OKStormShelters if you prefer.

Storm Shelter Distributors

If you’re interested in becoming a storm shelter distributor for OKStormShelters get in contact with us and we’ll discuss the details of a possible partnership.