Built in the heart of Tornado Alley, you can expect the absolute safest storm shelters.


Below you will find all the pertinent information relating to SoonerSafe. Oklahoma’s Department of Emergency Management’s annual safe room and storm shelter rebate program. This program is administered completely online. The only way to apply is to fill out the application online.

SoonerSafe: Overview
SoonerSafe: Rules and Regulations
SoonerSafe: How to Apply (step-by-step walkthrough)


2014 SoonerSafe Rebates

There is no deadline for the 2014 SoonerSafe Rebates. The online application is open 365 days a year

2013 SoonerSafe Rebates

You can go ahead and apply for the 2013 SoonerSafe Rebates that will be awarded in January 2013.


2012 SoonerSafe Rebates

The deadline to apply is January 2nd, 2012 because the rebates will be awarded on January 3rd, 2012.

SoonerSafe: 2012 Recipients – Find the list of winners here. Login to your account to get your confirmation number. If selected, you would have also received an email notification.

If you are awarded a SoonerSafe rebate, you have until September 30th, 2012 to complete the work on your safe room and storm shelter.


SoonerSafe Rebate Updates

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