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SoonerSafe: Oklahoma’s Safe Room and Storm Shelter Rebate Program

Posted by OKStormShelters on September 28th, 2011 in Rebates & Grants, SoonerSafe

Earlier today Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin announced the start of SoonerSafe. SoonerSafe is a rebate program for safe rooms and storm shelters that is being managed by the Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management. SoonerSafe provides assistance with the purchase and installation of safe rooms and storm shelters. SoonerSafe allows for a 75% rebate on the cost of a safe room or storm shelter, with the maximum rebate being $2,000.

To apply for the rebate program, please register at SoonerSafe.ok.gov. Registering for the program enters you into the lottery-style system to pick the winners. The winners will be notified via the email they registered for the program with on or after January 3rd, 2012. Registering for SoonerSafe only ensures that you will be considered for the program and does not guarantee that you will receive the rebate.

The program will use a random selection process so that everyone who registers will have an equal chance to be selected. Registering early will not improve your odds of being chosen. However, all Oklahoma homeowners whose homes were destroyed in the April 14th, 2011 or May 22-25, 2011 tornadoes will receive priority selection as part of this year’s program.

There’s not an exact number of rebates being awarded, but SoonerSafe is being funded using more than $1 million in federal grant money. SoonerSafe is anticipated to award at least 500 rebates to Oklahoma homeowners. This isn’t the first time FEMA has provided funding for Oklahoma homeowners to purchase safe rooms and/or storm shelters. Back after the May 1999 storms, FEMA’s initial safe room and storm shelter funding program was started in Oklahoma and was reinitiated again after the May 2003 storms.

All of our safe rooms and storm shelters meet all the SoonerSafe established guidelines and are eligible to be purchased under this funding program.

During my phone call earlier today the Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management has informed that they and FEMA intend for this to be a yearly program.

If you have any questions about this program, please contact us and we’ll do our best to answer any questions you may have. For a complete list of rules, please visit our post about SoonerSafe: Rules and Regulations.


  1. I had a safe room installed in July by Ground Zero,. Have been waiting for this rogram to get started to recoop some of my $3000. I am handicapped, 76 years of age and can’t leave my home to get toother shelters. Need an application, please..

    • To apply for the program you have to go to SoonerSafe.ok.gov and fill out the application online. I’ve talked to the Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management and any safe room or storm shelter that is installed prior to you being awarded the rebate isn’t eligible under this program.

  2. Have already done this in earlier request.

  3. We would like to have a storm cellar built I am 84 and my husband is 85 and we are both
    cancer patients and heart patients.
    Wayne and LaWanda Dawes\
    [address and phone number removed for privacy]

  4. This is a nice thing to do

  5. Marsha says

    The on-line application registration is not accepting passwords. 10/1/2011
    Please repair site. Thanks!

    • I do not administer that website and unfortunately, will not be able to fix it.

  6. we installed a shelter in august 2011 did not know about the rebate. are we able to aply
    for the rebate

    • Unfortunately the rebate will not apply to any shelters installed before you are awarded the rebate.

  7. anne says

    When i purchased my storm celler in july they said there would prob be some kind of rebate coming up sometime in the future,we decided to go ahead as if we didnt the waiting list would have been about 6 months,as a tax payer in Oklahoma city,i am really mad when i read you have to have not purchased your storm celler before the rebate,so you are saying do not be smart if yheir may be a rebate just wait and take you and your family,s chance at being safe this is totally garbage,trying to be a respobsible citizen touching your retirement to do it,while other people just wait and they get the help,,

    • Unfortunately, this is out of my hands and I have no say so in the rules of the program. I encourage you to contact the Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management to voice your concerns. They administer the program and setup the eligibility requirements. You can contact them at (405) 521-2481.

      We are in no way associated with the Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management or FEMA. I’m just relaying the information they provide.

  8. We live in the Bridgecreek , Tuttle area , and would love to be put on the list for a rebate when we put in a saferoom!

  9. Such a great post about storm shelter Oklahoma. Keep on posting!

  10. John says

    When will people be notified? Will we be notified if we did not get a rebate?

    • The SoonerSafe program states that winners will be notified on or after January 3rd, 2012 by email. As far as being notified if you don’t get a rebate, there wasn’t anything ever stated about that, but I would assume only winners are being notified.

  11. Cynthia says

    Is my confirmation number the number to be checking for?

  12. Greetings, I registered for Soonersafe on 1/1/2012, and have been assigned #16275. When I log into the system, I’m listed as “submitted, pending administrative approval.” How long does this process take? I’m concerned that I’ll never get selected if I’m not in the lottery.

    • The winners of the SoonerSafe rebate program were notified by email. You can also view a list of winners at the link below.

  13. Would like to know if I am a winner. My number is 12211. THANKS

  14. Am I a winner

  15. Wish I would have known about the rebate sooner. Do you know if they will be doing it again next year? And if so when can we enroll for it?

  16. Juan D. says

    Can I still apply for a rebate at this time?

  17. I recieved a letter stating that I was selected and an e-mail with a confirmation number of 1119. However, I do not see that number on the list. Could you please let me know if what is going on? Thanks

    • Hey Shelley,

      Unfortunately we do not administer the rebate program. You will need to contact Oklahoma’s Department of Emergency Management at (405) 521-2481.

  18. Kellie says

    I already have a storm shelter but I own 3 rental properties, can I apply for the rebate with my rental properties?

    • If I recall correctly the rules of the program state that it will only count for your primary residence. However, your renters may be able to apply. I’m not sure if you must own your own home or not. I would recommend that you call the State of Oklahoma’s Department of Emergency Management at (405) 521-2481 to find out a definitive answer. Or you can read the SoonerSafe Rules and Regulations by clicking this link.

    • Actually I read through the rules and regulations and one of the eligibility requirements states, “To be eligible, the safe room must be installed at primary residences and must be installed on property owned by the applicant.

  19. Are any rebates available for 2013?

    • Hey Sharon, I’ve emailed you more information about the storm shelter rebates available for 2013. Let me know if you have any further questions.

  20. Inquiring if there are any rebates available for 2013 on storm shelters… We were in the April 14th 2011 tornado in Atoka County, Oklahoma…

    • The 2013 rebates have already been awarded, but there will be more awarded in January 2014 and there may be some rebates available within your county since you guys were hit by a tornado. I’ll email you with more information.

  21. TEDDA says

    hi we are getting ready to use our rebate how long does it take to get reimbursed?

    • Hi Tedda,

      According to Oklahoma’s Department of Emergency Management the rebate takes about 6-8 weeks to get processed, however from our customer’s experiences, they are taking more like 3-4 months.

  22. Sarah says

    We live in the country and would like to know how to apply for help getting a storm shelter. Any information you could send would be appreciated.

    • You can check with our state, county and city department of emergency management for more information on funding programs available for you. If you’re Indian, check with your tribe to find out if there are any funding programs available.

  23. Bruce says

    I went to register and it said that my address is already in the system. There was a storm shelter when we moved here but it was leaking and rusted out metal spots and fiberglass seal was busted, so it breed Mosquitos well. I demo’ed it and want to replace w/ safe room, but not sure system is not letting me apply. Any thoughts?

    • You will need to contact the State’s Department of Emergency Management and ask them for help in remedying the issue you’re having.

  24. We are in the process of buying our first home and want a storm shelter on our new property. Are there currently any rebates or discounts available for us?? I personally believe these are a necessity for Oklahomans and should be offered at a more reasonable price for families that dont have an extra $5000 laying around.

    • There are a number of funding programs across the state. The state-wide rebates have been awarded this year, but you can go ahead and apply for next year’s rebate by clicking this link and applying.

      Also, if you’re Indian, check with your tribe as they have funding programs available for their citizens.

      We do have a sale on our shelters through the end of June. It’s $200 off any storm shelter and $100 off any safe room through June 30th, 2013.

  25. I am 69 an live alone with a storm shelter I would feel so much better having some place close to go to when the storms come our way

    • They definitely give you peace of mind. I know I feel much safer with my safe room.

  26. Are you aware of any rebates for Oklahoma county this year?

    • I’m not aware of anything specifically for Oklahoma County, but I suspect much more funding will become available over the next year or two due to this years storms. You can check with the Oklahoma County Department of Emergency Management for more information.

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