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Proposed Oklahoma Storm Shelter Rebate Program

Posted by OKStormShelters on July 20th, 2011 in Rebates & Grants

After the devastating tornadoes in 1999 and 2003 Oklahoma initiated the first large-scale Safe Room Initiative in a partnership with the Federal Emergency Management Agency.  This result in over 6000 safe rooms being constructed in Oklahoma that followed FEMA’s 320 Guidelines, which we also adhere to.

As reported by KFOR in Oklahoma City there are currently talks between the Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management and FEMA for a proposed storm shelter rebate program that would help homeowners offset the costs of a storm shelter.

However, they are unclear of the fate of this program.  They’re only discussing it for now and nothing has been determined if a program will even come to fruition.  We’ll keep our fingers and toes crossed in the meantime.

As of right now there are already programs setup in Midwest City, Yukon and Okfuskee County.  We’ll be doing more research on these programs and will keep you updated here on the blog with what we find out.

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  1. have been trying to find out about a current rebate program for reimbursement of a tornado shelter I just bought this week, august 5, 2011. I was hit by the may 24th tornado and used my money to rebuild my house for the shelter. dj morse

  2. I am trying to find out about a current rebate program for reimbursement for a storm shelter. I had one installed in June. I was wondering if I can get reimbursed for some of the cost of it. Please if you could let me know who I need to contact or where to file for reimbursement at I would really appreciate any advice. Thanks Kat

    • Unfortunately the SoonerSafe rebates are only valid for individuals who installed their storm shelter after they’ve been awarded the rebate. You may also want to contact your local county officials who head the emergency management department to see if your county has anything specific that may help you out. I’ve emailed you this information as well.

  3. I live in Mayes Co. Pryor, ok. Can I apply for the FEMA storm shelter rebate program. If so how do I apply?

  4. I want to install a storm shelter can i get help for installing one or a rebate,Adair county Watts

    • We’ve partnered with a local bank to offer storm shelter financing at 2.99%. I’ll email you a copy of their brochure for you to look over.

      I’m not sure if there are storm shelter rebates for those areas, but you can contact your city’s and county’s department of emergency management and ask them. If there are rebates available, they’ll be administering the program and will be able to tell you how to apply.

  5. Any rebates coming forth in Oklahoma county, with a Edmond address.

    • There is the state-wide SoonerSafe Rebate program that’s available. There are also city and county rebate programs, but you’ll have to check with their respective department of emergency management for more information.

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