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2013 SoonerSafe Rebates

Posted by OKStormShelters on April 17th, 2012 in Rebates & Grants

The SoonerSafe Storm Shelter Rebate program is an annual, state-wide, program for Oklahoma residents. If you are interested in buying a storm shelter or safe room, but need financial assistance you will definitely want to apply for this year’s rebates.

This rebate is for 75% of the purchase of a storm shelter or safe room, with a maximum rebate of $2000. All of our storm shelters and safe rooms will qualify you for the maximum rebate of $2000.

I’ve included a few links below that covers everything there is to know about the SoonerSafe Rebates. The first link is just a general overview about the program, with the second link being the complete rules and regulations of the program and the third link is a step-by-step walkthrough on how to apply, including screenshots of every step you need to take.

SoonerSafe: Overview
SoonerSafe: Rules and Regulations
SoonerSafe: How to Apply (step-by-step walkthrough)

If you applied for the 2012 SoonerSafe Rebate drawing, but didn’t win, you are automatically enrolled in the 2013 SoonerSafe Rebate drawing. If you need to apply, follow the instructions above on the SoonerSafe: How to Apply link. Rebates will be awarded sometime in January 2013.

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  1. i would like to know if i won the rebate for the sooner safe storm shelter . please email me if i did or not thanks hilda idalia hernandez my activation # is 310261716

    • Unfortunately we don’t administer the program and can’t tell you if you did or didn’t win the SoonerSafe rebates. However, you can contact the State of Oklahoma’s Department of Emergency Management at (405) 521-2481 to check on your application.

  2. I am interested in having a storm shelter installed at my residence in Woodward, Oklahoma. Please contact me at your earliest convenience. Thanks!

    • I’ve emailed you to discuss installing a shelter in Woodward further.

  3. My home came within a half mile of the May 20th 2013 tornado. I want to apply for the next rebate. This was a very close call for our family of 5! Thank you!!!

    • You need to go to the State of Oklahoma’s Department of Emergency Management’s website and apply online for the SoonerSafe rebate program. You can also contact your city and county’s Department of Emergency Management and ask if there are any rebates available specifically for your area. Finally, if you’re Indian, check with your tribe and see if they have any funding programs available.

  4. I applied for the SoonerSafe Rebate Program in 2011. Will I automatically be submitted for all future SoonerSafe Rebate Programs until I am selected?

    Thank you.

    • Yes, you are automatically entered into all future drawings. The only time your name will be removed from the drawing is if you win a rebate.

  5. Good morning…I applied for the SoonerSafe Rebate in 2012, and I am assuming I am also entered for any current or future rebate programs as well. I went to the OEM website to check my status, and it states that it is “pending”. Do you know what that means?

    • Yes, once you apply for the rebate program you’re entered into every subsequent drawing if you don’t win.

      You would need to check with the OEM to find out what Pending means.

  6. I signed up in 2012. Who and how are you notified if you are chosen.?

    • They will notify you via email. All the 2013 SoonerSafe Rebates have already been awarded. They will be awarded again January 2014. If you didn’t win, you’re automatically entered into the subsequent drawings.

  7. Amber says

    I run a small in home daycare in NW OKC and my family and I are wanting a shelter put in not just for us but for the daycare also. I just do not know were to start.

    • Amber,

      I’ve emailed you back a couple questions so that wee can determine what type of shelter fits your specific situational needs the best.

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